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Note: The featured image was created using a Generative AI tool called Bing Image, which is based on DALL-E

While you are planning for the next semester, take a look at the AI and Society Initiative at Canisius University’s webpage. Here, you will find various blog posts on the topic of Generative Artificial Intelligence (which includes Large Language Models (LLM’s), such as ChatGPT, Bard, and Claude, as well is Image Generators, like DALL-E), previous meetups, and more.

Faculty interested in using AI may be interested in the Resource section:

Understanding Generative AI – Dr. H. David Sheets takes you through a brief history of AI and explains how Generative AI’s work.

AI and Academics at Canisius University – In this series of mini lessons, the AI and Society Initiative at Canisius University invite you to think about your pedagogy and how it may be adapted to help thwart the use of AI.

AI Assistance: Course Design – In this resource, Dr. Gallimore explores how to use ChatGPT to assist in the creation of various lessons including topics, themes, and learning objectives.

Prompt Engineering Guide – This Guide walks through best practices for crafting prompts to get the most out of AI responses. We also show examples of how various LLMAI’s might respond to certain prompts.

Interested in more? The AI and Society Initiative periodically holds various events. Pay attention to the Blog and the Events page. Additionally, Dr. Justin Del Vecchio and Dr. H David Sheets will be leading a discussion on AI and Pedagogy during the 2024 Winter Faculty Development Week. RSVP for this session and others now!