AI Assistance: Course Design

Dr. Mark Gallimore has considered teaching a course on the history of the internet. As we approach the internet’s third decade, perhaps it is time. AI can speed up the design process, for various reasons:

  • At the very beginning of the design process, the AI can provide draft suggestions. Throughout building the course much will change and be refined, but AI help early on can get past the proverbial blank page.
  • It is likely to provide high-level topics and themes that are sound and free of extraordinary hallucination. After all, these topics are commonly discussed in new media journalism, Wikipedia, and other open publications over the last twenty five years.
  • Gallimore is free to reject the AI’s advice, but even in doing that, his thinking about what he does want in his course will be prompted by replacing some of the AI’s suggestions.
  • When it is time for Dr. Gallimore to discuss the topic with human colleagues, he can have some draft suggestions to present them. This reduces their cognitive task in providing him suggestions or feedback, too.