Select Page has several updates incoming.

Up first, and most excitingly, an easier way to create Assignments. Now, instead of having to go to the Wiki and grab the LTI link and then paste it into D2L, faculty can simply go to Add Existing Activities and select Reading. This will open up a pop-up that will let you choose the content for the assignment. Check out the video tutorial or the text tutorial!

Next, Assignments are no longer limited to the 10 point scale. Faculty can now set the total points in a D2L Grade Item and will take that on. Connect a Activity to a Gradebook item!

Finally, faculty can now export comments from a Assignment. This might be useful if you have multiple classes that are using the same document and you have questions that you want students from each class to answer. Or perhaps faculty want to export annotations for assessment purposes.

Tutorials on using are available on the Canisius Wiki Page.