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D2L continues to update its quiz-building tools. Last year, D2L created new screens for question creation, and now we see a new question management space in our quizzes.

This screen is accessible by clicking the “Add/Edit Questions” button within the D2L Quiz Editor. It’s an essential part of any quiz building, since here you add the questions that make up the quiz.

If you have added no questions yet you’ll see the following screen, with dropdown menus to either create (add), or import (for example, from the Question Library) questions into the current quiz.

If you have questions, sections, or question pools installed, you’ll see something like this:

Although in different places, this screen has the same options as the previous screen.

But if you don’t like it, you have until November to opt-out, and return to the previous screen, by clicking the arrow tab in the upper right: