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Among other changes this summer, D2L has added a “New Quiz Experience” for professors.  You can opt in or out of it – for now.  Basically, it’s a few new screens for quiz construction, and an easier-to-use “question pool” alternative to random sections.  These new features are fairly intuitive to figure out.   Until December you can choose to use the old question construction screens and random sections, but we think you will find the new options quicker to use.

If you haven’t tried building and using quizzes in D2L, now is a good time to start.  A short quiz can act as a quick worksheet exercise to encourage careful, critical reading (or watching) of sources that are important for your class.  Since they are online you needn’t waste precious class time on them, either.  Here’s a quick video showing you how to set up a simple, low-stakes quiz for your students.

And this video shows specifically how to construct multiple choice questions for a quiz.

Check out our D2L Tutorial Video Set for more features and options in D2L Quizzes.