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On August 9, the Canisius College AI and Society Initiative kicks off its Conversations on AI Symposia Series, with a panel discussion focused on the current state and recent developments in large language model artificial intelligence (LLM AI). This will be followed by a mixer with light refreshments.

Professionals in business, education, healthcare and government can get up to speed or compare notes on AI and its relationship to their respective fields. Additionally, they can learn how other sectors are grappling with the opportunities, but also the challenges presented by LLM AI.

Additional sessions in coming weeks will be dual track, with parallel sessions focused on either K-12 and higher education, or business, healthcare and government: August 17th, August 22nd, and September 12th.

Stay up to date about the other sessions by bookmarking the AI and Society Initiative at Canisius Events page and RSVP for August 9th!

AI Symposium Series Poster
AI Symposium Series Poster