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More software updates are coming down the line. Check out the original Summer Software Updates post.


Update your Browsers!

Make sure to update your browsers! D2L has ended support for some older browser versions. Additionally, keeping browsers up-to-date is security hygiene. Below, you will find links on how to update some of the most-used browsers:

Availability Dates (Start and End Dates)

Instead of seeing a long summary of the Availability of a course activity, you will start seeing a much shorter range of dates instead.

Showcasing the range of dates if you have a Start and End Date on an activity.

If you have just a Start Date, or Due Date, or End Date, you will get a short summary instead.

Showing a course activity with the new, shorter summary for just a due date.

Set the Behavior for Availability Dates on Discussions and Dropboxes

Another update to Start and End dates, you can now set the default behavior of Start and End dates (tutorial link) on Discussions and Dropboxes. This is particularly useful if you use a certain combination of Start and End date behaviors for most or all of your Discussions and Due dates. Note: This is not retroactive and only works with newly created Discussions and Dropboxes.

Another Update! This new update makes it easier and faster to use JSTOR articles. You follow all of the normal steps to set up a Assignment, but instead of downloading the JSTOR article, you just copy the article’s stable URL. Then select the JSTOR option and paste the article URL. Check out our Tutorial on using JSTOR articles in!