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School Of Education, Human Services Partnership Fair

The School of Education and Human Services presents Partnership Fair 2011 on Monday, April 4 from 4 – 5:30 p.m. in Regis South.  This event will precede the lecture by author and speaker Wes Moore at 6 p.m. in Grupp Fireside Lounge.

This event launches a major initiative for the School of Education and Human Services to direct its energies and resources towards school and community partnerships.  There will be an array of school and community partners present to showcase the vital work and impact these relationships have on students and members of the community.  Consistent with the mission of Canisius College and the vision of Canisius President John J. Hurley, the School of Education and Human Services will initiate new collaborative activities, and cultivate and expand its existing network of school and community partners in the Buffalo-Niagara region.

Submitted by:  Donna Ortolani, executive associate to the dean, School of Education and Human Services

Physics Cafe Lecture Tuesday (April 5)

Learning the science of solar energy and go green at the next Physics Cafe on Tuesday (April 5) at 2:30 p.m. in Horan-O’Donnell Room 015.  Light refreshments will be served.

Larry Coleman, an engineering consultant in the Buffalo, NY area who works on the technology of solar panels made from silicon, will speak on how solar power is one of the cleanest forms of energy production.  He will discuss the technological challenges and some solutions from physics, chemistry, and engineering.

Solar panels convert the sunlight directly into electricity with no waste products.  Presently, solar panels are about 20% efficient.  The challenge is to increase the efficiency while reducing the cost, making solar power a viable contender in the power industry.

Submitted by:  Michael Wood, PhD, assistant professor, physics

Nutritional Tip: Health Recipe Substitutions

Eating healthy foods does not mean people that to give up all of their favorite recipes. T here are plenty of healthier alternatives to keep waistlines trim and bodies in good shape while still enjoying the treats people love to eat.  To read more about how incorporate healthier alternatives into food preparation, click here (Adobe Acrobat PDF).

Submitted by:  Dawn Rotterman, associate, human resources