Recently, I volunteered at FeedMore WNY to make “Angel Cards.” Throughout the year, “Angel Cards” are greeting cards that volunteers from the community have made and donated, which are then given to clients with their home-delivered meals. There are many ways the cards can be made, including handmade cards, digital cards, or even cards bought from the store with a sweet message written inside. Since I am currently in Connecticut, I chose to make digital cards. It is a great way to bring positivity into the lives of FeedMore WNY’s clients. Requirements include that none of the cards be dated, do not contain any offensive language, and are not addressed to anyone specific. The cards can be for any holiday or for a general purpose (i.e. get well soon cards, birthday cards, cards saying “happy fall” or “happy spring,” etc.). They ask for volunteers to leave the cards unsealed if envelopes are provided with them. I made some designs on Canva, and sent them over to the director of this program, Samuel Koch. These included thank you, birthday, and get well soon designs. It felt great to be able to give back, even from miles away.