Hello. My name is Alex Rozbicki. I am a Senior majoring in Digital Media Arts and Integrated Marketing Communication. I just started my first ever internship with Lemur Studios, a video production company in Buffalo that makes videos for websites, TV, YouTube, interviews, etc. This is a very DMA-focused internship and so far, I am enjoying working here. This is a photo of me from my first day right before I started. I was looking to intern with a group who specialized in video production and has had a prior connection with Canisius College, so I think I found the right place for me.

I will be working on editing content soon, to promote their 48-Hour Film Project. I will be promoting that on social media along with their law firm ad branch, called Rainmaker, as well as promoting other general videos Lemur Studios makes for its clients. I have worked 2 shifts at Lemur so far. My supervisors are very nice and check in on my progress which is helpful. They wanted me to start off by assisting them with website edits, so I was using Photoshop to create a graphic with the logos of all the clients Lemur works with. This will be going on their website. I will soon be responsible for posting on behalf of Lemur Studios, the 48-Hour Film Project, and Rainmaker on Facebook and Instagram every shift, which I am looking forward to.

I am super excited about the video production side of it as well, since I have taken multiple film courses with Jamie O’Neil at Canisius. I look forward to showing Lemur Studios what I can do. The other employees there I met are friendly and even helped me troubleshoot some Photoshop issues. The judging for the 48-Hour Film Project was taking place last Thursday, so we got some leftover pizza from the event, which was nice.

I am still warming up to having an internship but it looks like I will enjoy my time here. I am hoping this internship will confirm to me that I am studying the field that is right for me since nobody wants to enter a field they don’t enjoy. I think I am making the right choice. I look forward to pushing myself and taking on challenges. I am also hoping to attend some professional video shoots. These will enhance my skills even more and will look impressive on a portfolio and demo reel. I also am excited to build my Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and After Effects skills. There is so much to look forward to. I am trying to keep a positive attitude and I am confident I will enjoy this and learn a lot!