While I am staying at my site until the end of August, I am glad to have experienced interning at Buffalo City Hall. During my time at City Hall, I have met some amazing people and built connections that will hopefully last a lifetime. Aside from making social media posts, I also had the opportunity to update the Hertel Walls website. In the process, I have learned the Cherry framework on WordPress. This is a skill that I can put on my resume.

This summer I also had the opportunity to attend the Hertel Alley Mural Fest. There I saw and captured some beautiful artwork from artists from various places. Prior to the festival, I attended a meet and greet with the artists at Princesa’s Art Gallery on Hertel Ave. The gallery had so many wonderful paintings and drawings. I have walked and ridden past this building so many times but never went inside until that day.

One thing I am grateful for is meeting Abigail. She introduced me to CapCut, a video editing software that we used for some of the Instagram posts. Without it, I feel I would not have contributed as much to the social media presence. The use of this software allowed me to grow as a content creator and video editor.

Overall, this was a great experience and I highly recommend anyone here for an internship. Meeting Joel allowed me to build connections with other people as he introduced me to others. This led to other opportunities being opened to me outside of the office. I am thankful for this experience.