I have thoroughly enjoyed my digital marketing internship at StaffBuffalo. Looking back to when I first started, I was nervous and unsure, but I’ve really adjusted to how the team works and the tasks that I do each day. In the beginning of my internship, I set three goals for myself, and I believe I have accomplished them all. The first was to sharpen my graphic design skills. A lot of what I do involves using Canva, such as making social media posts, reels, and flyers, so I have strengthened what I already knew how to do and picked up many more tricks. I learned how to use masking to hide certain parts of an image; use the duo tone filter to edit pictures to a certain color scheme; and brand kits to keep colors and logos consistent. My second goal was to build on interpersonal skills. I am in constant communication with the team, mostly through email, but also in face-to-face meetings and Teams meetings. I have really learned the importance of timely and effective emailing. One day we had an emailing training session in which we were strongly encouraged to talk more “actively” than “passively”. We learned that the more forward we are, the more clear and efficient our messages will be. I took note of this because I think it is important, especially when I move in to the professional world. My third goal I accomplished was to create quality work for StaffBuffalo. Throughout my time there so far, I created many social media posts, blogs, newsletters, and branding projects for both StaffBuffalo and client brands. I was given the perfect balance of creative freedom and staying within design concepts and branding. Creating posts have probably been my favorite thing, but I also enjoy email marketing and editing the company’s three websites. These are great skills to have for the future. Overall, I have really enjoyed my time at StaffBuffalo and am so grateful for this opportunity!