Looking back at my internship this semester, I learned a lot from working in a major corporate environment. My main goals were to gain additional experience in a professional corporate setting, further develop my creation and presentation of sales decks, and understand what it means to work in a sales marketing department. I would say that I accomplished all three of these goals and therefore what I had hoped to. Some days it did not feel real that I was working at a major news company. The uplifting environment at NBCUniversal fostered innovation and collaboration among associates. For example, the CT station runs the sales department by giving account executives and sales managers a base salary plus commission, but they split the commission among all of them instead of giving it to only one employee. Some benefits I think the internship has had for me as I move forward in my college career and beyond was working with a local station because I was able to receive one-on-one attention from those in the office. In the future, it will have benefits when I need to ask for letters of recommendation from my former supervisor at the company. Overall, this experience has been very beneficial and given me valuable life lessons I can take to my next internship and future jobs.