My name is Sarah Lynch and I am interning at Lactalis American Group Inc. this fall semester. As an innovation marketing intern at Lactalis American Group Inc., I will be responsible for supporting the innovation marketing team with new projects that will advance the organization. This includes testing products which will reach new audiences and cater to existing ones where applicable. In particular, I will further develop the business of protein under “Lactalis Ingredients” as well as within the sports nutrition/active lifestyle space. This project will have a primary focus on the U.S. market as well as other international markets such as Europe, Asia, Australia, and Latin America. Within this project, I will support the team to launch new retail initiatives of products formulated with protein within the Lactalis American Group for private labels and/or their own retail brands. 

I will be working on compiling potential grassroots sales and e-commerce targets, reaching out to them/following up, and coordinating sampling events at point of sales or sampling. Furthermore, I will compile potential influencers and athletes, reach out to them to build relationships, follow them, and track their engagement. Within this project, I will work in collaboration with a media agency to manage the influencer program. In this role, I will be responsible for all outreach to grassroots local businesses and community leaders through Zoom and face-to-face meetings to present and explain the new product. I will execute local sales through payments and logistics, including but not limited to the areas of labeling, orders, and shipping. In addition to assisting with the development of online sales, I will conduct sampling within the sales execution category by filling sample bags and mailing them out while also keeping the sample room organized and facilitating/executing orders at the local level. Finally, I will share potential targets, innovations, and customer insights with the sales team, while also providing administrative assistance by developing, handling, and sharing documents/supporting any sample requests.

I was not sure what to expect leading up to the internship. All I knew from the interview was that I was going to be sampling a lot of cheese. They have multiple parking lots and each department works in a different building, so I had to figure out where I was allowed to park and where the marketing department was located on my first day. Now that I am two weeks into my internship, I am really enjoying it. I went through the onboarding process with HR and was given my own computer/monitor to work off of. So far, I have tried mozzarella, brie, and sharp cheddar cheese as well as yogurt from “siggi’s.” I am looking forward to testing more dairy products in the weeks to come.

Here are some pictures of the corporate office and the plant right across the street from it!