This semester, I learned a new software called Clearview Social. Prior to my internship, I had never heard of it, but after working with it for a month now, I see what a valuable tool it is. Essentially, it is a way for employees to organically boost their company’s social media posts and engagement. When I use Clearview Social, first I start by creating social media posts in a queue. StaffBuffalo uses CVS to post open job offerings to Facebook and LinkedIn. We always include a link, a graphic, a caption, and a description. I create the graphics in Canva, and I link the post to the actual job posting where candidates can apply. Next, I send the queue out to all the employees at StaffBuffalo. The employees receive an email asking them to share these posts to their own social media accounts. Clearview makes it very simple, they just have to click one button and the posts will go out on all platforms. After some time passes, I check the analytics to see how the posts perform. One number I look out for is the EMV, which stands for Earned Media Value, and it shows the amount a share would be worth if it was purchased through digital advertising methods like Google Ads. This is both a good indicator of interest in the job and an indicator that our campaign was successful. There is an option to pay for keywords if paid social was desired, but StaffBuffalo places its funding in other areas online. Not only does StaffBuffalo use Clearview, but we also recommend it to our clients. All in all, I enjoyed learning how to post through this platform and what it can do for a company’s social media engagement!