One of my first tasks was adding myself to the employee “About” section on the StaffBuffalo website!

Hi I’m Ella Planter! I am a digital marketing intern at StaffBuffalo. StaffBuffalo is a full service staffing and recruiting agency located right by Canisius on Humboldt Parkway. They specialize in providing their clients with the best candidates for the jobs they are hiring for, and they offer personalized career management solutions for each of these candidates. Before June 6th when I started my internship, I didn’t exactly know what to expect because it was my first one. I knew that I would be working alongside the social media and marketing manager to assist with marketing initiatives, and I learned at my interview that the office is a very open and collaborative environment. I was excited, yet very nervous, to start.

My first week turned out to be fantastic! I felt very welcomed and accommodated the second I walked in the door. I met my supervisor, the marketing manager, who is is very nice, patient, and organized. Any projects I was assigned the first day were accompanied by thorough training that was helpful and easy to follow. I got to learn a lot about the company and what they do, how they do it, and how the many aspects of the team come together to accomplish something. The office’s collaborative environment encourages everyone to bounce ideas off each other, give and receive feedback, and to really work together to create the best experience for their clients. As the digital marketing intern, so far my responsibilities include editing the website, posting and managing various social media, working with graphic design, and conducting client research. I also get the privilege to sit in on both team and client meetings, which is an opportunity for me to always be learning. So far I am really enjoying my internship!