What event did you attend? I attended the Griff Fair,  

Where was the event held? It was held in the Science Hall commons  

When was the event? Wednesday March 15th, 2023  

How did it “operate”? As you first walk into the event you are immediately greeted by rows of tables lined up for the students or participants to walk through, participants are allowed the choice of which tables they would like to visit. 

What types of people attended, and what types of people did you meet? A great number of representatives for over 60 companies attended this event, they were very diverse, and I talked to a lot of them about what their companies offer and what positions are open, as well as what positions that aren’t available now, but could be opened up in the future. 

How did you benefit from the experience? Anything else you would like to write about the networking event? I gained some insight into how certain companies operate. I was also able to give my resume to a couple of people. 

Some other information that could be beneficial for others is that this event seems to be more for people who are more focused on business, marketing, and analytics.