Last week, I started an internship at Great Lakes Integrated Network. Great Lakes Integrated Network (GLIN) is an independent physician-led association in downtown Buffalo, NY. I am extremely excited to be assisting their marketing team in rebranding. My first week went really well. My supervisor introduced me to all the wonderful people I get the opportunity to work with. I can already tell I am going to really like this internship.

As soon as I arrived I was set up with an employee ID and a parking pass. Next, my supervisor went over everything the GLIN rebrand will entail. This included ordering new apparel for employees, creating a new logo, updating/creating new social media accounts, planning events, and more. The project I was tasked with was creating brand new Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for GLIN. I also got the opportunity to start familiarizing myself with the software HubSpot. HubSpot is a social media posting tool that allows you to schedule all of you social media posts for the week.

My supervisor provided me a list of things I will be participating in while interning at GLIN. The list contains different projects, meetings, and activities I will be involved in. I have already learned about new social media software and tactics. I think this internship is going to be a great learning opportunity for me.