43North is the best. It really is.

When I started three weeks ago, it was trial by fire. My supervisor, the content director for 43N, asked me to watch all of his vlogs (more like webisodes because 43N is a professional company) and podcasts and critique them. It was rather…interesting. I found several things wrong with the vlogs, mainly technical details such as audio mixing, some camera movements, and in some cases, just the way the shots were taken. I felt that it could be more personal, it could look more like a typical vlog, not a webisode. Ya feel?

So, after critiquing all 10 episodes and giving mostly negative but some positive feedback, my task the next day was to film and edit a two minute video on 43N. Oh, shozbot. Alright, let’s do it! I filmed for most of the morning and edited together a final cut by the 2:30, with half an hour to spare. I showed it to him and he critiqued many things about it but had mostly positive remarks to say about it. He told me to work on it the following day and have a complete, final cut by the end of the day. To keep it short, I shot more, edited more, and had the final cut ready. I showed it to him and he only found one minor part he didn’t like. Success!

The next week was planning for one of my goals – my 7-10 minute long-form narrative video. It’s all in production stages now but I brainstormed ideas and wrote an outline of what the video entailed. I had many marketing meetings that week, most of which I cannot say, but I learned a lot through these. We’re in the process of brainstorming how to help one of the 2018 43N winners with marketing tactics and I had one suggestion that we’re going to put into action, as long as the particular company needs that kind of marketing. And it includes getting one of my favorite photographers and videographers into the 43N building.


Should be interesting.


Justin Fague