On January 16th, I began my internship at Western New York Book Arts (WNYBAC) as a studio intern, with the task of using the letterpress and screen printing materials to create products for their shop. WNYBAC is an arts non-profit that is made up of a store, gallery, and education program that teaches crafts such as letterpress, screen-printing, bookbinding, paper-making, and more. Already, I have created some work shown below, that will be Valentine‚Äôs Day cards. I have learned the letterpress printer process from start to finish, and they staff were very helpful to guide me along the process to the point where I can already explain how it works to others. I enjoy it so much because I realized working with my hands is  more exciting than working on a computer; I get into a rhythm and time flies. Many times I have come across problems with the ink, the press, and the design, so finding solutions to those issues is more satisfying. I also feel a connection to my family history, since my great-grandfather owned a print shop in Dunkirk, New York, that I never got to see since it had burned down many decades ago.

In the upcoming weeks, I look forward to creating more original designs and exploring screen printing. Apparel, stationery, and home goods are some of the upcoming projects they have arranged for me to work on. The staff and other interns are so friendly and helpful, so I am looking forward to spending the rest of the semester at WNYBAC!