The last two weeks have been crazy. I have been extremely busy since my co-op internship with the Boston Globe began on May 22. I was immediately thrown into my internship with several assignments, and I have been published three times in two weeks. This quick article about New England insurance rates was published in print, in the Boston Globe on Sunday, June 4.  Sunday happened to be my twenty-first birthday, so it was a great present to receive from The Globe.

I attended the New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) conference on May 25 at MIT and was surrounded by fellow automotive journalists, public relations consultants, and industry professionals. I was spoiled with a fantastic lunch and dinner, and was able to hear some incredible presentations about advancements in the automotive industry. The networking experience was second to none, and I have already received calls from a PR representative who wants me to attend an event highlighting the brand new Aston Martin DB11.

The entire experience has been overwhelming, exciting, stressful, and has promoted a need to learn on the fly. One example in particular is the specific style usage of where my content is being published. You will notice that I have been using oxford commas… or you just noticed. It’s been an awkward adjustment, but it’s they way they run the website. Titles are written in sentence structure, not camel. Another adjustment. I’ve been ripped pretty hard on a few of my stories, but my Memorial Day travel guide reached more than 40,000 readers. Not bad for my first piece.

It’s not all perfect, though. I spend the majority of my time at a desk, behind a computer. I want to be more active and spend more time away from the office. I am working to establish contacts for car reviews and events that will allow me to do this.

The summer is already flying by, and I cannot wait to see what unfolds next.