After having been a part of the Special Events planning team as an intern at Roswell Park Cancer Institute for four days now, I can confidently say that any anxiety I had going into this internship has been shut down by my successful endeavors so far, and the good experiences that I have had. When I say successful endeavors, I am not referring to by any means some large scale event that was put on all by myself. Rather, by this I mean that overall I have 100% enjoyed my time at RPCI and have met a lot of amazing and goal-driven people within this organization. On a smaller scale, I have completed some projects that in my eyes were successful in helping toward making sure that the events they put on run as smoothly as possible. Knowing that I will be working a lot of their events over the summer such as Kiss the Summer Hello, Ride for Roswell, the White Party, and the 11 Day Power Play, I have begun to feel more and more excited knowing that I will be getting hands-on experience. I know four days is not a whole lot of time so far, but I already am feeling very settled in my internship, which is something that brings me a feeling of excitement to see what else this summer holds.