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Next time you are unsure why something is not working or if you simply want a refresher on what is in your classroom, check out the Media Center’s Whats in my classroom? page on the Canisius Wiki.

On this page, the classrooms are arranged by Building Code and Room Number. Additionally, you can view instructions for various tech in classrooms, view classrooms in order, by building, or by different technology levels in the classroom amongst other information.

If you would rather skip the Whats in my classroom? page, you can instead type into the Wiki search bar Building Code space Room Number (OM 108, SH 1008, KC G18, HO 107, HS 112, CT 203, etc.).

Additionally, if you plan on using any of the conference rooms around campus, you can go to What’s in my conference room? page. And make sure to reserve the room on 25Live.

For a quick introduction to finding and using this resource, watch this tutorial video.