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Starting this semester, all instructors (adjuncts included) will be required to maintain graded materials not turned back to the students and gradebooks on campus. This policy comes out of the work the Office of Academic Affairs is doing to bring us into compliance. “On campus” can mean many things. It can means maintaining gradebooks and materials in D2L. It can mean turning in a Flash drive to a secretary at the end of the semester. It could also mean storing materials in your office. While most of our campus instructors are in compliance with the policy already, this news could mean a new set of procedures for our adjunct faculty. Read the full policy language below.


Under FERPA, exams, papers, and grade books are part of a student’s educational record and must be maintained in a secure location. Any graded assignments, papers, and/or exams that are not returned to the student must be kept for one calendar year after the end of the semester (the date grades are due).  Gradebooks must be maintained for at least five calendar years after the end of the semester (the date grades are due).


All graded materials not returned to students and all gradebooks must be maintained on campus.  Graded material must be on campus as soon as possible and no later than five business days after the semester ends (the date grades are due).  At the end of each semester, any faculty members who leave the college and all adjunct faculty members are responsible for leaving any graded materials not returned to the students and any gradebooks not maintained in the learning management system with the appropriate department chair or program director.