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As a faculty member, you can expect that your students will acquire technology skills necessary for the coursework you’re asking them to complete.  But you can help them do this by pointing them in the right direction for technology learning resources.  In partnership with Information Technology Services, COLI has developed “Quick Guides” to technology for faculty, staff, and students.  These guides offer brief descriptions and links to resources for the most common IT products and services available to the campus community  They’re made for quick scanning to find answers to particular questions, and helping new students or employees familiarize themselves with what’s available.

The student guide is suitable for undergraduate and graduate, online and on-campus students.  You can simply install the link to the Quick Technology Guide for Students in your syllabus, and your students can then easily find out how their Canisius resources work, and where to get help.  Here’s the link:

We also suggest a few other helpful links for syllabi:

Faculty and Staff also have some great resources available for their own reference: