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In Qualtrics Survey Toolset, a few new features are placing old tools. If you use either Triggers or Reports, it’s worth reviewing the following:

Triggers Replaced by new Actions Toolset

After mid-January, users will not be able to create triggers within surveys. Old triggers will still be operable and editable. Qualtrics now directs users to their new Actions toolset, that has more features. In COLI, we’ve done a little experimentation with the new Actions toolset, and suspect there’s a lot of new things that can be done with it in survey projects.

Classic Reports Replaced by New Reporting Experience

Qualtrics is replacing it’s old on-board reporting toolset. The “Classic Reports” toolset, which you may have used in the past to build reports within Qualtrics, will be removed in March. Have any important reports downloaded by March 15th at the latest.

Read more about the Reports Tool change here.