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COLI has created several new text-based tutorials for D2L quizzes.

First, we have a quick tutorial on making some quiz questions into bonus questions. A relatively straightforward process, but not immediately apparent and therefore can be tricky to find. View the tutorial from this link here.

Next up, we have several ways to preview a quiz. This can be useful as a secondary check or to see how the quiz will be presented to your students. Click this link here to view this tutorial.

You can also import questions into the Question Library. Maybe you have too many quizzes that you are not using and want to clean up your quiz list a bit or you want to make some questions for quizzes but are unsure which quiz to install the questions. Or maybe you downloaded a question bank for D2L. Click this link here to learn how to do both.

Finally, we have a new tutorial on using the D2L Quiz Question Pool for advanced randomization. You can have D2L randomly select questions from a group of questions. This can provide a truly unique quiz for every student. Learn how to use the Question Pool from this link here.

As always, if you require additional help or have any questions, feel free to contact Helpdesk for the fastest response.