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D2L’s quizzes toolset is the most complex resource in D2L. There’s a lot of options, but that means it’s easier to overlook an important step when building quizzes or exams.

If you are using D2L quizzes to conduct an exam, go in before it opens to students, and recheck all settings.

Do you have the availability date and time set properly?

Do you want an enforced time limit, and is it configured properly?

Preview the exam: do the questions appear as they should? Are they randomized, or in the proper order?

Do you have special access properly set up for students that need it?

Do you want the exam to publish student scores automatically, or wait until you are ready to publish them?

Is the exam configured to pass grades to the gradebook?

As with online surveys, it is crucial to preview or pilot your online exams, and double-check all settings, since you don’t wish to make changes when students are taking or have taken the exam.