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Zoom Waiting Rooms are a useful catch-all for anyone attempting to join your Zoom Meeting. A Waiting Room can provide you with some extra time to set up your meeting if you are running late and allow you to see who is trying to enter your meeting before they are able to join.

For most instructors and staff, the default options of a Zoom waiting room, which includes the name of the Zoom meeting and a short message informing participants that the host will let them in soon, should be enough. However, for those instructors and staff that use the waiting room for office hours or virtual events, it may be useful to edit the waiting room defaults.

Some options include allowing participants in the waiting room to chat with hosts or co-hosts or even allowing certain groups of participants to bypass the waiting room altogether. You can also add a logo or picture and change some of the default messaging.

To learn more about waiting room options, view this video.

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