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Qualtrics has reorganized it’s Survey Editor feature, as well as some other screens. The new New Survey Builder is organized differently, although it has all the features of the old Survey Editor. Qualtrics believes these changes “make the survey building experience easier to navigate and more intuitive, especially for our first time users.”

Until the end of May, you have the option to opt out of the new Survey Builder.

Also new (as we’ve covered before):

  1. Triggers replaced by new actions tool set: Users are no longer able to create triggers within surveys. Old triggers will still be operable and editable. Qualtrics now directs users to their new Actions toolset, which has more features. Find that here. The Center for Online Learning and Innovation (COLI) has done a little experimentation with the new Actions tool set, and suspect there’s a lot of new things that can be done with it in survey projects.
  2. A New Reporting Toolset: Qualtrics has replaced its on-board reporting toolset. Read more about the Reports Tool change here.
  3. Catalog replaces the Create New UI for projects and actions, and is activated when users attempt to “Create new project” or “Create new action” from the projects or actions lists, respectively.

Click here for a number of free webinars to learn more about Qualtrics in general.