Starting at the Studio

Hello. My name is Gabriella and I am a senior Digital Media Arts major. I am interning at Legacy House where I have a wide variety of responsibilities. They specialize in product videos, animations, and photos. I have been splitting my time between learning about the creative and business side of their company. This includes helping Taylor with prospecting and gathering information on potential clients. He has taught me about what they are looking for in a potential client and the kind of information they use when reaching out to them. I have also been working with Adam on product shoots and editing. I am mainly just shadowing him but he thoroughly explains every step of the process when setting up equipment, adjusting lighting and camera settings, and editing footage. I feel that both Taylor and Adam are happy to help me learn and take the time to explain anything I am curious about. I have been gathering information on Instagram trends that I will use to help them create reels for their account. Shooting and editing reels will be my main responsibility for the semester in addition to other tasks they ask me to complete. 

I was very excited and a little nervous to start the internship. When I interviewed at the studio I felt comfortable and welcome, and I got along well with the team. I felt nervous because the work they produce and tools they use are beyond anything I have done or experienced at Canisius. It is still a bit intimidating, but I have pushed myself to admit when I do not know something and ask lots of questions. I have had a positive experience so far and already learned a great deal. I am excited to continue working with and learning from the team. I know it is going to be fun and provide useful practice with cameras and editing.