I have had the most incredible experiences working at Roswell Park in the creative department with some absolutely fantastic colleagues. For the last two semesters, Roswell Park and the creative team have afforded me responsibility, a true voice in decisions, and an overwhelming amount of real world experience that I think rivals even the greatest of internships in the world. I can truly not say enough good things about the mission here, the people here, and the sense of pride that Roswell takes in the work they produce. Over the last semester specifically, we’ve done some incredible things as we gear up for a busy summer with the Ride for Roswell and the Empire State Ride. In addition, we produced excellent coverage of the Icecycle event at Riverworks which raised funds for Roswell Park and the cancer genetics department. We also are in the process of telling an incredibly touching story involving music and the Buffalo community, which I hope can find a place in our messaging sometime later this year. I’m fortunate to say that I’ll be sticking around, working with the team at Roswell Park in a larger capacity once I am back from Africa towards the end of May.

I expect Roswell to continue to bring on interns from Canisius, and I hope that I will additionally be able to guide those interns on the path to success, as those before me have.