Heading into the newsroom at WKBW, I was truly unsure what to expect. As a journalism and communications major who had done the majority of his work in print with some video and audio sprinkled in, it was really the first time I had ever done much of anything TV related. Plus, due to COVID, it was the first time I would be on site for an internship, as my previous one was virtual. Now, months later and a number of shifts worked, I can say with certainty that I could not be happier with how it went and with everything I have learned.

            As I said, I had very little to no knowledge of the TV media business, yet I come out of this with a much more solid understanding. During my time at WKBW, I was able to experience practically every job the newsroom had to offer. From the jobs of reporters and MMJs, to photographers, to producers, to digital content, to directors, it was fascinating to be in an environment where I could learn every time I came in. As somebody who has a passion for storytelling, having the opportunity to go out with different reporters was probably what I enjoyed doing most. Getting to be hands on with and gain a comprehension of cameras and the techniques of shooting, how to handle tough interviews and press conferences, and tips for shooting a standup and getting to do some of my own are just some of the many things I will take away from my time at 7 News. Most importantly though, everybody in the newsroom helped to make me feel welcome and was nothing but kind and supportive. Needless to say, I know for a fact I can reach out to anybody in the near future, and they will happily help me out.

            On the topic of my future, I graduate from Canisius this month, and it’s something that I still have yet to wrap my head around. I’m not entirely sure what I’ll be doing or where I’ll end up. Luckily though, with my experience at WKBW, I now know much more about what it would take to work an MMJ job with that type of parameters, and if an offer like that comes around, it would certainly be something I would consider.