Hello everyone! My name is Shania Clarke, and I am a senior at Canisius doubling in Digital Media Arts and Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and Advertising. I officially started interning for the veterinarian staff at the SPCA Serving Erie County yesterday. I’ll be making brief videos for each department. The entire week before this past Tuesday, I was so anxious about my first day. There was no reason for me to be anxious at all. I explored all the corridors of the SPCA with one of the vet assistants, Kelsey. She is super sweet and very knowledgeable about the topics we are going to be filming about.

Rudolph and Holly Bonded Kitten Pair

I am looking forward to it. When I arrived my first day, I explained that capturing B-roll was important for these videos. The puppy I captured footage of had a family walk in ready to adopt him. That was nice to see in person. I have been through the process before but to be a part of that process was even better. After experiencing the excitement of the animal adoption center, we continued to capturing footage for the two kittens you see in the picture above.

This next Thursday, I will be working with the Wildlife department, and I heard they have Loon that they want some footage of. I am excited to do this for the Wildlife department because they never seem to have any pictures or anything to represent their department.

Everyone at the organization has great ideas; it’s important that the public hears them and I cannot wait for them to see the finished product.