By Jenna French

A couple weeks ago I attended a networking event held by Canisius College’s communication department in Regis Hall at the Student Center. The event was named HomeCOMing, and a bunch of Canisius alumni was present. Some other people in attendance were professors and current students looking to get connected with professionals in this field.

While at the event, I was able to catch up with some students who graduated last year. For example, I got to catch up with Tessa Pszonak and see what she has been up to since she graduated. She talked about how the graduate program at Canisius has been. I was able to ask her some questions as well about graduate school since I’m considering going. I also saw Emyle Watkins who I work closely with at my internship at WBFO. She introduced me to an alumnus who works at Channel 7, so it was great to talk with him about his work. During the event, I had a chance to talk with one of my former professors Dan Higgins and caught him up on what I have been up to at WBFO.

At this networking event, I took the chance to talk to people in other fields to make connections and see the other options that I have in terms of career choices. I had a really great conversation with a photographer who talked about his work. I was able to get his business card since I have an interest in photography and would like to learn more about it.

Overall, I stepped out of my comfort zone and took the chance to talk to people I might not normally think to talk with. At first, I felt nervous walking up to people, but then it got better as time went on. While at networking events, I learned that it doesn’t hurt to talk to other people in different fields because they might offer some really great advice. Now, I will make sure to branch out and talk to others, so I can make new connections, and learn even more.