Earlier this semester, I had the privilege to not only attend the Canisius Communication Department HomeCOMing 2021 event, but was able to organize and plan every aspect of this night of networking as the Communication Department intern. With over 20 alumni, 40 undergraduate students and several of our distinguished faculty members, HomeCOMing 2021 was a networking event like no other held on campus in the Grupp Fireside Lounge.

In an effort to both reunite with some of our best alumni and share their diverse experiences at Canisius and beyond, the HomeCOMing 2021 event was a chance for students to make connections within their Canisius community and seek advice from professionals in their desired field. With this being the kick off event of the semester, I wanted to ensure that all four of our incredible majors were effectively represented and the insightful stories of our alumni heard. With this in mind, I, along with the incredible work of Thomas McBride, Justin Brown, and Tessa Pszonak used this networking event as a top notch media day opportunity, taking photos and conducting interviews with fellow interns and alumni to collect their testimonies that showcases what our department is all about. While stressful in the hectic days leading up to the HomeCOMing, the event itself was incredibly exciting and proved successful based on feedback from students, alumni, and faculty. 

As a member of the interview team, I was given the exclusive opportunity to speak in greater detail with our alumni, many of whom I have looked up to since coming to Canisius. Especially being a graduating senior in May, I took this opportunity to ask them for advice not only on their careers during the interview process, but on the realities of life outside of undergrad and how to maintain a healthy work-life balance for myself. Networking events are more than experiences to listen to these amazing professionals, they are opportunities to have genuine conversations about our interests, passions, and the ambition needed to reach our greatest potential. It’s important to remember that these professionals were once where we sat, as students. They understand what we are going through and want to reassure us through these events that we can reach our goals and push ourselves to be the best. My experience at HomeCOMing 2021 was a great boost of confidence not only through the connections I made and my expanding network of support, but served as reassurance that I have correctly prepared myself to take that next big step into the career world. 

I would like to thank all of our students, faculty, and alumni who attended this event and the Dream Team for helping make this unforgettable night of networking possible!