Hi all! My name is Emma Schiedel and I am the Marketing Intern at Post Process Technologies in Buffalo, New York. As a senior in the Integrated Marketing Communications program at Canisius, I was looking to gain valuable marketing experience while working in a fun, face-paced environment.

This is my second internship through the Communication department and is very different than my last opportunity. B2B marketing is a completely new field for me so bear with me as I describe exactly what Post Process Technologies do! Well, it’s a mouthful and something I’m still trying to grasp. But, depending on how much you know about 3D printing– we are the 3rd step in the 3D printing process… Hence, Post Process!

A “day in the life”–  

As the Marketing Intern, my jobs vary depending on what we have going on.– Working for a start-up means things can change any minute (keeps things exciting)! For example, the past couple of weeks we’ve been gearing up for the first in-person trade show since 2019! I’ve been helping the marketing team with packing parts, designing executive’s business cards and display cards, assisting in writing copy for inside sales team and LinkedIn posts. My weekly tasks include analyzing social media engagements, writing copy for posts, taking pictures of new 3D parts, and checking that our channel partners are using our up-to-date marketing tools.

Final thoughts — I feel really great about my internship. At first, as always, it’s a lot to take in. I’m thankful to be working with a team whose patient, kind, and willing to help me learn!