Hi everyone! My name is Arianna Seaborn and I am currently a junior at Canisius. I am majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Leadership and exploring a minor in Human Resources. The reason I mention my exploration in HR is because my current internship is with the Corporate Employment and Human Resources Department at Kaleida Health.

I was first connected with this internship back in early December. I was very unsure of where I wanted to take my career, but I knew that I needed to start gaining experience in order to figure out my future career path. One of my advisors suggested a path with Human Resources because of certain classes I had taken in the past few semesters. I was completely on board with this suggestion, and decided to take the first step into HR.

My first day at Kaleida Health was short and sweet, and began as an introduction to what this experience will provide for me this semester. Kaleida is a very well known company in the Buffalo area. They direct many hospitals and care facilities in the area such as Buffalo General Hospital, Millard Filmore Suburban Hospital, and many other important health care facilities. The Kaleida Health corporate headquarters is located in the Larkin Building, which can be intimidating for a new individual that is not familiar with that area. I was nervous at first because I was unsure of what I was getting myself into in regards of the work load and my tasks as an intern because of the large presence Kaleida has in the Buffalo area. But, after my orientation and tour of the office, I knew right away that I would fit in perfectly and gain plenty of experience from this local company.

Within the first few days of my internship, I was able to learn an immense amount of information about Kaleida. For example, I sat in with a recruiter for the first two days and watched as she began showing me the hiring and recruiting process. The candidates that apply for any open positions are distributed among three different recruiting managers, based on where they applied, what position they applied for, and other factors that may influence the hiring process. I listened in on phone interviews with potential candidates, which is different than usual circumstances due to COVID. Typically, the recruiting manager would schedule an in-person interview, but for now a phone interview will do the trick. During the pandemic, the recruiting managers have hired more people than usual for positions because of the demand for more staff in the hospitals. Another area in which COVID affected this office was the amount of staff that is in the office or remote. Many individuals choose to stay fully remote or work part-time in the office and part-time at home. It seems that every time I am in the office I am meeting new people because of their flexible schedules!

I have been very vigilant about asking questions and paying attention to small details at Kaleida. I know that by doing this, I will be able to better understand my duties as an intern and become more aware of what I envision my future career to look like. My overall expectation for this internship is to find resources and understand my likes and dislikes when it comes to my job responsibilities. Any experience is good experience to me, and so far, I can tell that Kaleida will provide me with a beneficial and exciting experience.