The First Day

“The first day is always the toughest”, is often said. The first day is what sets the tempo for the rest of the time you are at your internship. Prior to starting the internship, I was always asked, “are you ready” or “are you nervous”? My response was always “no”. The reason why I am not nervous is because of my ability to adjust to any environment and knowing what I bring to the table. The main thing that people lack in is a little bit of self-confidence.

I did not know much about the company Rembrandt Charms ( just that were a big charm and bracelet company that sells to big jewelers. I did not know how that was going to help me with my graphic design interest. The good news is, I am designing custom charms for a variety of different agencies across the United States. All the tools I have learned in my designing course are going to be used from the start of my internship. Also, I am able to design each charm as long as the head boss gives the approval. Each charm will be processed and be made the same day.

My first day started by getting to know the graphic design team and getting to know my way around the building, after that day was up and the time for the second day, that is were the fun begins.