Hi everyone, my name is Lexi Hoerner and I am interning with the DC Police Foundation. The reason I am only “almost” diving in is because I, like everyone else, have to work on my internship remotely. This means I don’t have any kind of pictures of me working because I’m working on my laptop six hours away from the office. 

This job is very exciting because it fits my drive to help others and know that I’m making a difference. I have three main jobs with DCPF along with other little jobs that are given to me by the week. The picture above was one of my first small jobs so that my bio could be sent out to all of the members of the foundation. The first main job is developing their social media and coming up with successful posts for them. The second job is working with the high school interns and coming up with two hour-long information panels to help them learn about many different career paths. The third and final job I have is to do research on all of the Police Foundations and update their contact information as well as review how they are handling the Black Lives Matter movement and the ideas of defunding the police. 

I was ecstatic to get started but also nervous, I didn’t know if I understood what was going to be expected of me at first. Having doubts is scary because I had it in my mind that I could fail easily but I was anxious to start in both a good and a bad way. Luckily for me, my internship supervisor, Rebecca (the woman in red in the photo above) is amazing. She is both helpful and dedicated so what began as nervous anticipation became pure excitement and also pride in myself. Right away I was able to start working and felt like I was already learning so much. I feel completely welcomed into DCPF and am so happy to have this opportunity, especially to have it during these trying times. I believe that because of everything happening in our country, I am getting a better experience than I would have gotten if things were normal. I am seeing the foundation work while they are under more pressure and while they have so much going on for me to get experience with. I know that this internship is going to teach me immeasurably and forever help my future.