Things have been so hectic, however the last few weeks of this internship were surprisingly steady. Sure, things were slowing down for the agency, but Paul gave me some stuff to work on to improve my skills with print layout while I was working on my own website and branding. (Which is now mostly up and running by the way! It’s !)

This internship definitely helped me settle on the agency life, or at least a workplace that is fast-paced. I thrive in a workplace where I have a lot of tasks to get done and can jump between them easily. My supervisor, Paul, would’ve exposed me to more of this if COVID-19 didn’t get in the way, but even during the slow times I was able to bounce between a motion graphics project, my website, and the work Paul gave me. This internship has also made me think about video editing more. It isn’t the most enjoyable work for me, but I seem to have a natural knack for it that I should look into and try to refine more.

I think despite everything, I was able to accomplish what I wanted to. I have several new portfolio pieces and I was able to get experience in motion graphics like I wanted, as well as my main focus of graphic design. Paul even has offered a hand to look at any projects I work on from here on out, so I’ll always have a professional eye to give me advice on what I’m doing, which is super appreciated, and I’ll definitely be taking advantage of it over coronacation. I hope my next internship in Spring 2021 goes just as well as this one has!