As I do my final reflection on my first blog post and further experience with Journey’s End, I continue to only have the best things to say about them. My personal goal was to improve the language skills of the students, and be able to see that in our work as we went along in the semester. Since my time there was unfortunately cut short by the pandemic, I am unable to see how their knowledge has continued since I left them. Even so, in the time that I did have with them, I saw both their confidence and skills grow with every lesson. I am proud of the educator that I was because I was happy with everyone’s little by little progress, and that I made the experience as non-stressful as I could for them. I was able to recognize the difference between when it is time to encourage, and when it is time to accept burnout and do something more fun like Pictionary. My goal was to teach in my own authentic style, but also think back to the teachers I have most appreciated and take inspiration from them. I helped the students to feel both successful in their accomplishments and well understood. I would always remind them that I know learning English is hard, and that I was proud of them.

This has been the most enlightening experience because I learned my own capabilities, and I give much credit to my supervisors as well for believing in me, and allowing me to feel comfortable enough to have my own space and input. I hope I can continue to feel that empowerment Journey’s End gave me as I continue towards my future careers.