Last week I finished my final internship of my undergraduate career. I am really thankful that I got to finish my undergraduate career interning at WBFO Radio, Buffalo’s NPR station. At WBFO I felt like I was treated like a reporter and given a lot of responsibility and some freedom to cover stories I was really interested in. WBFO was also great because I was given the chance to use skills from both my multimedia journalism and digital media art majors.

One of my favorite projects that I got to work on was “Black history in housing complex at risk of demolition”. For that story I handled the multimedia by shooting photos and videos. The photos became a slideshow on the website and I created a video teaser of the audio for social media. One of my favorite things about this internship is that I got to jump around a lot and do video, photo and audio production as well as writing.

One of my favorite projects from the second half of the semester was “Buffalo becomes the fourth city to have a bike-exchange program during COVID-19” where I wrote for air, cut audio, and wrote the web story. It was great to interview GOBike Buffalo and this was a really interesting piece of news to break.

I’m really thankful that the writers and news directors at WBFO took me under their wing and spent a lot of time explaining things to me, giving me feedback and helping me develop story ideas.

Originally, part of my internship was going to be developing a longer feature story, and even though I didn’t end up getting to produce it, the planning/research stage was incredibly helpful to me and I learned a lot just developing my ideas.

Lastly, I am really grateful that they included me in their morning meetings and challenged me to have something to say every meeting. It really pushed me to think of stories and really encouraged me as a young reporter.

I hope to keep in touch with all the connections I made at WBFO and look forward to using the skills I gained in audio production and reporting in the future!