Looking back, I got to do so much more at WNED than I ever thought I would in a single semester. I got to explore multiple avenues of media, from web content to live TV. I had the opportunity to do work that went towards greater projects. Going into this semester, I thought my day-to-day internship activities were going to involve more shadowing and learning through observation. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it was going to be quite the opposite.

My supervisor, Lynne Bader, always encouraged me to push myself and my assignments were varied enough so that my daily tasks never felt repetitive. I got to do production assistant work, shoot and edit web content, and help set up for a live show. Beyond this, I learned what the daily workflow looks like for someone in public broadcasting. I also had a chance to sit down with Lynne to talk about portfolios, demo reels, and resumes. Lynne continued to have work for me, into the quarantine. I got to edit transcripts for their Facebook Live videos, as well as work on motion graphics that will be used in one of their upcoming programs.

In a field like media arts, there is nothing more valuable than hands on experience. This is exactly what WNED gave me in droves. Everything that I learned and experienced will be useful in my professional career. All of my tasks were beneficial and I’m so happy to have spent my semester at WNED.