Looking back on my experience at my second internship I can see an immense amount of growth. Since being at Roswell, I have gained a lot more confidence in a professional setting and with creating content appropriate for larger organizations. At this internship, I was pushed to think creatively and to make content that I have never made before. I am thankful to have had a supervisor who had enough trust in my ability to let me come up with my own videos to post as well as captions for social media. I am grateful for my opportunity to work for the Roswell Park Alliance Foundation and it was an experience that I will certainly never forget. Going into this internship I was hoping to challenge myself in pushing my ability to make new content for this organization while still staying within brand guidelines. I made posts for the Empire State Ride, Ride for Roswell, Goin’ Bald for Bucks, and Courage of Carly Fund. All of these fundraisers required a different aesthetic which allowed me to explore new ways of creating posts for social media. Overall, I loved my experience at my internship this semester and was sad that COVID-19 did not allow me to continue to physically be in the office because I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.