Hellooo, my name is MK Do. I am a graphic design intern on the Corporate Communications team at WNED/WBFO. My responsibilities are assisting with re-designing images, logos, and other marketing materials for their site and events with the new branding.

I was very excited to accept this internship as I knew it was going to be different from my previous one. And I don’t mean different in any bad way, I loved my last internship at Tobii Dynavox and enjoyed my summer and winter break there. However, I was a QA Intern on the Web/Development team therefore my position did not pertain to what I was going to school for nor was I knowledgeable in what I was doing even though the work was very rewarding. I was lucky enough to work on a team with great people who showed me the ropes and I was able to learn a lot and work alongside great minds in the industry.

The weeks leading up to my internship, I was not so nervous as I was excited to start learning and working with professionals in the field of design. I was however scared that my first day would start with training docs or excel sheets and that my projects would be the same, dry content with no creative freedom, but my first day proved me wrong. Although I have to stick to a color palette and font for most of my projects, I am never bored with what I am assigned. I am mostly given some creative freedom with the logos I am assigned to recreate or design from scratch. And especially when I am given no strict guidelines, it leaves me open for a lot of criticism from the higher-ups. That is something that I never had to deal with at my last internship regarding my work because it was pretty black and white. Although it can be scary submitting my work for approval, receiving criticism is vital. Being able to handle criticism allows me to grow and learn from my mistakes as well as become flexible and adaptable to constant changes and edits. I am given equal parts challenging and equal parts learning and having fun in everything I do.

I have met almost everyone on my team (although I’m still trying to learn names) and everyone is so nice and welcoming. I have sat in on 4 meetings since I started which is helpful because I get to know what is going on with inter-team dependencies. Although I never speak up or have anything to say during the meetings, it is still nice to sit there and listen to the conversations and see how people interact and communicate with one another. I only interact with my supervisor, Chris Hyzy, and sometimes the Senior Director, Heather Hare so sitting down with new faces every once in awhile opens me up to the rest of the team and their roles.

I am excited to see what I will learn and accomplish throughout this semester. I feel like I settled in quickly and can already tell that it’s going to be a great semester.