I cannot believe how fast the time flew by. Overall, I am very pleased with how my internship went this semester. This was my first internship and I learned a lot. I learned a lot about the non profit world, event planning, and social media. Working with a team made up entirely of women who made substantial change in the community was very rewarding.

When I arrived, the director of external affairs had just started a new job at Roswell Park. Then, a month before my internship was over, they hired her replacement. It was a bit hectic with all of the changes, and I rolled with the punches. Anything they asked me to do, I did it, and that experience helped me grow and become an even better worker.

I liked working in a non profit a lot as well. It is very impressive to see how a small team can accomplish a lot. These women taught me what a team truly looks like and I can only hope to have half an effective working environment as they do in the future.

Overall, my internship was a success. I plan on staying in touch with my supervisors and returning to help volunteer at events. Most of the goals I set in the beginning of the semester were met, and I am happy with the time I spent there.