Going into my Bean Media Production internship, I had a goal of producing video content, working with Adobe Premiere. A couple of weeks into the internship, I noticed I became bored with the work that was given to me, simply because I already had the knowledge and experience in Adobe Premiere. I felt as if I was not being challenged. 

Soon enough, I spoke to my supervisor about my potential goals. I observed what other employees do at this production company and was instantly inspired by the graphic designer. I spoke to my supervisor and told him I wanted develop web content and design websites. Surely enough, I was about to throw stock videos together, pull writing content and photos to re-create a poorly designed website. I learned about the difficulties of maintaining a client’s satisfaction and I learned how to think quickly on my feet. I was able to share my ideas on some design content. I was given some positive and negative feedback on the work that I had developed. I appreciated this because it gave me the opportunity to work harder and smarter. 

I feel I accomplished what I had hoped! Of course, my hopes changed, but I eventually found something that sparked my interest. I really enjoy designing websites! I feel that I have benefited from this internship by learning more about Adobe and web design. This will benefit me in my college career and beyond because I gained new knowledge about Adobe and fell in love with the work.