My internship at the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens was a wonderful experience. Going into this internship I did not know what to expect because I have never worked in a professional setting like that before. At first, I was nervous and kept to myself but as time passed, I became comfortable with everyone and really enjoyed my time there. At the beginning of the semester, I did a lot of online free postings which was tedious but once I proved to my supervisor that I am capable of doing small tasks she gradually allowed m to handle more.
I faced many different challenges that I learned from which was very helpful for the future. Some of these challenges varied from figuring out what to do when someone who was mentoring me quit to overcoming a program being hacked and rebuilding it, to even just responding to rude comments or reviews. All of this adversity better prepared me to handle bigger things down the road and challenged me to think in a way I hadn’t been before.
As far as accomplishing my goals, I think I did a fairly good job of doing so. I got to experience how the marketing department interacted with the other departments. Also, I wanted to be able to use my creativity to help the organization and create a lot of my own content. I did this by making numerous posts on social media as well as making videos to post on social media. This internship helped me because I have a lot more content to put in my portfolio. I can continue to build on this to improve my skills in creating content for social media and show future employers what I am capable of. I rate this entire experience a 9/10 because I learned exponentially, loved the people who I was working with and loved the luxury of working around nature and using the Botanical Gardens as a way of relieving stress.