My name is Jenna Gaudino and I am a senior at Canisius majoring in communication and journalism with concentrations in media studies, advertising and public relations. I am a copywriting and public relations intern at Gelia in Williamsville. Gelia is a national marketing communications agency. Some of their biggest clients are Caterpillar, Independent Health, TRICO and Dana. Gelia assists their clients with brand building, market research and creative services. 

This is my third internship and I will be graduating in December. 

My freshman year of college I interned at a public relations firm in NYC called Starbaby Enterprises. I was a public relations intern there too. I did a lot of event planning and social media management. I also assisted in many photo and video shoots. For my second internship, after transferring to Canisius my sophomore year, I interned at the Buffalo Zoo as a social media and communications intern. At the zoo I took photos and videos of the animals and maintained their online presence through social media management. In our weekly meetings the Director of Communications and I would go over what was happening at the zoo, social media strategies and what kind of content he wanted me to post on their social media for that week. 

At Gelia, I have already started working on press releases, social media writing and research. Last week I even assisted in an Independent Health commercial shoot. So far I’ve spoken to many knowledgeable and friendly people from different departments. I have met quite a few people in the creative services department and several account coordinators in the marketing department. I even got the chance to work with a few people from creative services on the Independent Health shoot. I thought it was really cool that I was able to weigh in on what outfits and accessories the models would look best in. 

My favorite part of my internship so far is talking with people in different departments, but more importantly, doing tasks that help my supervisor. I am really starting to get used to the software they use to keep their accounts organized. I like the tasks my supervisor gives me because they are all different and require different skill sets.